The Integrity Violations of Global Tel Link Get Uncovered by Securus Technologies.

The inmate communication industry comprises of several companies, but one of its best is Securus Technologies. The company operates from its headquarters, which are located in Dallas, Texas, and it serves about 3540 facilities that are managed by the criminal and service sector and have a population of about 1.2 million people. The products and services that are provided by Securus assist institutions in investigations, product and service inspection, emergency response, information management, examination of goods and services, incident management, self-service for inmates and biometric analysis.

The company has been offering its technological solutions to the industry for a while, and it believes in integrity while providing services to the clients who are majorly law enforcement institutions, inmates, and the community. According to Securus Technology’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Smith, companies should not prioritize money while offering services to their clients. The most important thing should be providing high-quality technological solutions that satisfy the needs of the customer. Global tel Link was accused in the past of being dishonest when it was serving the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Secures intends to release data, evidence, and reports that show GTL’s fraudulent undertakings as a way of humiliating the rogue company.

The information from Securus will be provided to the public through press releases, and the first one will have an official publication (Order Number U-20784-B), which is an investigation report from the Public Service Commission of Louisiana. It shows many wrongdoings of GTL, which include intentionally overcharging the Louisiana Department of Correction. The company overpriced phone call by double billing the client in some cases while they made the customer to extra charges apart from the standard call billing in others. The company also fixed corrupted clocks on their telephones, which added 15 to 36 more minutes on every call was made.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.